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At Thornham Marina, Chichester Harbour, you will always receive a warm, welcoming and extended family atmosphere. As you can imagine, Thornham is the perfect getaway because it's at the top of the beautiful Prinsted Bay in Chichester Harbour.

You'll soon find out why we have 270 happy boat owners who choose us year in, year out.

It's partly because of the 5-star service delivered by our helpful and experienced staff.  We know how to make sure you get what you want: See the results of our customer loyalty survey here. There are other things that attract and keep our boat owners coming back, some of the things that make us first choice are:

highly skilled and professionally trained lift technicians
state of the art equipment including a unique £90,000 sub-lift
a unique deep water pool which means you don't have to hurry
ample space in our yard so you can work on your boat
flexible launching dates 
first class facilities (for a full list click here)
engineers that deal with all major engine makes on site - very handy!
Free taxi ride to and from home port (within a 20 mile radius) when you book winter storage.

Thornham Marina is one of Chichester Harbour's best kept secrets.

This website is your invitation to discover more about Thornham.

If you are looking for a marina in Chichester, please call us or email anytime for more information.  And when you want to visit, let us know and we'll put the kettle on!

ps Our phone number is 01243 375 335.  We'll always return your messages!


The winter of 2013/2014 has proved to be one of the worst for many years. With winds up to 70 knots, the pontoons and all yachts, on the water and on land, have been tested. My time on land was totally uneventful, with the team keeping a careful watch. With new people arriving this year, our community grows and thrives. To have a new boat owner comment that he is not used to someone being on a pontoon to take a line says much for the atmosphere created in this special marina. 
Now for another sailing year in and beyond the best harbour and marina on the south coast.
Adrian Honeybill - Ateya IV

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