1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019
All prices include VAT unless stated – Minimum Chargeable Length: 5.5m

Annual Berthing
Drying Pontoon Berth Dredged – Annual Contract Rate£388.50per mtr per annum
Drying Pontoon Berth Non Dredged - Annual Contract Rate£306.56per mtr per annum
Berth Afloat In Pool - Annual Contract Rate£316.51per mtr per annum
NB: The Annual Contract Rate includes storage ashore during the winter period. It does not include the lift out, pressure and re-launch.
Monthly Berthing
Drying Pontoon Berth - Monthly Summer Rate£35.16per mtr per month
Drying Pontoon Berth - Monthly Winter Rate£18.35per mtr per month
Drying Pontoon Berth Dredged - Monthly Winter Rate£23.13per mtr per month
Berth Afloat in Pool - Monthly Summer Rate£36.56per mtr per month
Berth Afloat in Pool - Monthly Winter Rate£19.20per mtr per month
Summer Rates Apply from 1st April – 31st October – Winter Rates Apply from 1st November – 31st March
Swinging Mooring
Drying Swinging Moorings Available


Package Includes: Swinging Mooring 1st April – 30th September, 6 Month All-Inclusive Winter Storage Package
Winter Packages
Special All-Inclusive Package: Lift Out, Pressure Wash, Storage Ashore, Mast Un-Step/Step, Cradle Hire & Re-Launch. Lift out date must fall between 1st October – 31st November.
6 Month Package£139.65per mtr
£150.15pet mtr inc cradle hire
Drying Pontoon Berth – Winter Season (1st November – 31st March)
up to 12m in length
£79.80per mtr
Boat Yard Charges
Storage Ashore£19.50per mtr per month
Quick Turnaround Special – Pressure Wash & 30 Days Storage Free of Charge£46.55please call 01243 375 335 for more information
Lift Out, Pressure Wash & Block Off An additional charge will be made for badly fouled vessels£31.40per mtr
Re-Launch£23.27per mtr
Lift and Hold in Slings£13.82per mtr, includes 1st hour
Hold in Slings£40.18per hour
Movement Ashore£15.41per mtr
Pressure Wash An additional charge will be made for badly fouled vessels£7.22per mtr
Cradle Hire£41.25per month
£162.276 monthly
Mast Un-Step/Step£65.87each way
Engine Lift£58.02per ½ hour (½ hour minimum charge
Yard Labour£33.64per man/hour (½ hour minimum charge)
Electricity Boat Yard£1/£5£10Cards to be purchased from Marina Office (unit price - £0.17 inc 5% VAT)
Electricity Pontoon’s£0.17per unit inc 5% VAT
Use of Slipway£21.25per launch
Use of Slipway – Assisted Use with Merlo£42.50per launch
Mast Storage£17.90per month
£71.626 monthly
Multihull Prices
Drying Pontoon Berth Dredged – Annual Contract Rate£428.65per mtr per annum
Drying Pontoon Berth Non-Dredged - Annual Contract Rate£338.24per mtr per annum
Drying Pontoon Berth - Monthly Summer Rate£52.75per mtr per month
Drying Pontoon Berth - Monthly Winter Rate
up to 10m in length
£27.53per mtr
Lift Out, Pressure Wash & Block Off£47.10per mtr   
Launch£34.91per mtr
Pressure Wash£10.83pet mtr
Storage Ashore - max width 4.5m£29.24per mtr per month
Storage Ashore - width 4.5m or over £39.00per mtr per month
All other services charged at Monohull rate except those mentioned above


Payment Terms
  1. The favourable annual berthing contract rates quoted above are offered to customers who pay over 6 months by Direct Debit or who pay in full in advance. Payments in full in advance also attract a 5% discount.  Customers who wish to pay monthly by other methods will be invoiced at the full monthly rate, not the favourable annual contract rate.

  2. Early termination of annual contract:  If the contract is terminated prior to the year end, a refund will only be given if the berth is re-sold and will be calculated on monthly summer and winter rates.  30 days’ notice is required in writing of the cancellation of an annual berth. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.
  3. Winter Season rate – Payment to be made upfront in full.  No refund will be applied if the boat departs early.

Boat Yard

  1. Contracts for 6 months’ or more yard storage are available at a 5% discount if paid in full in advance – unless invoiced on All-Inclusive Winter Package Rate.
  2. Tents:  Subject to agreement and space, customers may erect tents over their vessels. Tents will be charged for on an overall price per meter, per width. Price on application. 
  3. Free Storage of Cradles and Trailers

  4. Over-wintering customers may leave cradles and trailers with us for the summer season free of charge subject to return of their vessel the following winter. Customers not returning will be charged at yard storage rates either from day of departure of their vessel or arrival of cradle/trailer in the yard. 
  5. Stepping/Un-stepping of masts:  Price does not include the connection or disconnection of wiring/cables etc. and is offered on a “clear deck” basis.  Removal or replacement of covers etc. will be charged for at yard labour rates.
  6. Use of Slipway does not include time ashore for preparation of boat. This will be charged for separately. All launches must be booked 7 days in advance, subject to availability. 
  1. All charges are inclusive of VAT.  We reserve the right to apply special rates in respect of boats of an unusual shape or size.
  2. Prices per metre will be calculated on the basis of the overall length of the boat, including davits, bowsprits, boarding ladders, stern drives, tenders, out drives, anchors, pulpits and push pits and any other extensions fore and aft of the vessel.  Each vessel will be measured to verify actual overall length.
  3. If stored on trailer prices per metre will be calculated on the overall length of the trailer or boat whichever is longer.
A full copy of our terms and conditions is available from the marina office.


The winter of 2013/2014 has proved to be one of the worst for many years. With winds up to 70 knots, the pontoons and all yachts, on the water and on land, have been tested. My time on land was totally uneventful, with the team keeping a careful watch. With new people arriving this year, our community grows and thrives. To have a new boat owner comment that he is not used to someone being on a pontoon to take a line says much for the atmosphere created in this special marina. 
Now for another sailing year in and beyond the best harbour and marina on the south coast.

Adrian Honeybill - Ateya IV

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