Berthing and boat storage prices

Minimum Chargeable Length 5.5m – All prices include VAT

Pontoon berthing – annual

Rates per metre / annum
Drying berth – dredged £412.96
Drying berth – standard £332.38
Pool – floating berth £343.17

Annual rates include winter storage ashore. Lift outs, wash and relaunches booked separately.
Annual Berth Holders 20% discount

Pontoon berthing – monthly Rates per metre / month
Drying berth – standard: Summer £ 38.12
Drying berth – standard: Winter £ 19.89
Pool – floating berth: Summer £ 39.63
Pool – floating berth: Winter £ 20.82

Summer rates apply from 1 April to 31 October
Winter rates apply from 1 November to 31 March


Multihull berthing & storage

Rates per metre / annum
Drying pontoon berth : Annual £402.38
Drying pontoon berth: Summer £58.87 per m/month
Drying pontoon berth: Winter

Up to 10m length

£30.72 per m/month

Swinging mooring

Drying moorings Price on application

Includes swinging mooring 1 April to 30 Sept, 6 month all-inclusive Winter Storage package


Shoreside boat storage

Rates per metre / month
Storage ashore – monohull £21.55
30 day maintenance special – lift & launch with 30 days free storage & free wash £51.45
Storage ashore – multihull up to 4.5m width £32.63
Storage ashore – multihull > 4.5m width £43.53

Winter boat storage packages

Rates per metre
Shoreside storage package:

Includes lift out, pressure wash, mast un-step/step, cradle hire & relaunch:
Lift out dates between 1 October to 31 November

6 month package £151.41
6 month package with cradle hire £162.79
5 month package £137.53
5 month package with cradle hire £148.93
Drying pontoon berth – up to 12m length

1 November to 31 March


Taster Stay – book in for a trial stay

Price on application

For a no obligation quote, get in touch now.

Boatyard services

Boatyard services

Everything you need to look after your boat is here at Thornham.

The boatyard services we offer

Risk free guarantee

Risk free guarantee

We are confident that you’ll love it here at Thornham Marina. In fact, so confident that we have a money back guarantee.

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Unanswered Questions

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