Thornham Marina Customer Feedback Survey 2022

We recently asked our customers to help provide feedback based on their experience here at Thornham Marina. Over 99 of you provided us with invaluable insight into how you rate our services, along with some fantastic ideas and suggestions on how we can improve. Here we have a summary…

Lovely marina and the staff are above excellent.

A very well-run, friendly, customer-focused marina.

How you rated us

Here are just some of the things our customers rated Thornham highly on:

  • Quality of service from the boatyard team 98%
  • Booking & availability of the boatyard services 99%
  • Overall friendliness of the team 100%
  • On-site services 89.6%
  • Marina, pontoons and infrastructure 90.8%

Quality of service

At Thornham Marina we offer a range of boatyard services including lift our and launch, lift and wash, mast step and un-step, engine lift, mast storage and many, many more. When asked what our customers thought about the quality of service received on these services, 98% rated us 8 or above. 

on-site services feedback 

Booking & availability of boatyard services

We asked customers how they found the booking and availability of our boatyard services and we are pleased to share that 99% of you found it to be good or excellent.

Booking and availability of services

Overall friendliness of the team

Thornham Marina prides itself on being a friendly and traditional marina so we are incredibly pleased to share that 100% of our customers agreed. We really are a friendly bunch and look to create a warm and welcoming boat haven for our customers. 

overall friendliness of the team at Thornham Marina

On-site services

We have a range of on-site services for your convenience including Ocean Chandlery, Cover Care and S Hulme & Sons Traditional Shipwrights, Harbour Boats and many others. See all…

We are pleased to share that 89.6% of our customers rate the on-site services 8 or above. 

on-site services feedback

Marina, pontoons and infrastructure

We asked what our customers thought of the overall marina, pontoons and infrastructure with 90.8% of you rating good or excellent. 

Marina, pontoons and infrastructure

It’s a pleasure to keep Egret at Thornham and I regard the team as trusted friends. Well done !


99% said they would recommend Thornham Marina to a friend!


Your comments:

The comments section has been invaluable. It’s given us a very clear direction on what we need to focus on over the season, and I’m delighted to say we’re already putting many of the suggestions into action:

Dredging required in the marina.
At Thornham we are limited by how much dredging we can undertake. The silt is not actually that deep before hitting the bed rock which we wouldn’t be able to remove. Ironically there is an optimum amount of silt to leave on the bed of the marina in order that certain types of hull shape can create their own V’s in soft silt. What we can do and have a license for, is bed levelling. This is where a plough is drawn behind a tugboat and a pre-determined quantity of silt is removed as approved by the Harbour Conservancy. This season we have been bed levelling ‘C’ pontoon and the main channels. We will rotate around the marina as necessary and within our remit.
Parking can be difficult at times including vehicle access to the pontoons.
We do recognise that parking can be an issue during the peak times as limited by the size of the marina. Please do speak to the team if you are struggling though as we’ll always work to accommodate a space for you. Please do feel free to unload vehicles close to the marina, however as a point of courtesy please do avoid leaving your car blocking pathways and access points and instead move it back to the main car park to clear space for others. The team do keep an eye on this activity and will advise, so please don’t be offended if you are asked to move your car.
Markings for pontoons.
We have plans afoot to add numbers to the ends of the finger pontoons to help boats coming into the marina identify them.
New flooring for showers.
Quotes have been obtained for the shower flooring and we intend to have this replaced within the next 2 months.
Is security a concern in the marina?
Overall we are happy to report that we don’t receive many if any problems on the security front as we’re fortunate to be off the beaten path. We do however recognise that the marina/boatyard is open to foot traffic as a reflection of being a traditional boatyard without large fencing. We currently have 5 cameras around the site and are in talks about upgrading the whole system. This will include adding 2 more cameras to increase coverage across the site. We look forward to sharing an update on this as it progresses.
More trolleys.
We have gathered up all the trolleys that were hiding in various areas around the Marina & Boatyard and have put a plan together to make sure these are all in good condition. As a team we’ll make a conscious effort to bring these trolleys back to the designated areas and will encourage users to do the same.
Potholes in the entrance road.
We are pleased to share that we have now had the road professionally re-laid!
It is important that the informal character of the marina and boatyard is kept and prices maintained at a reasonable level.
We’re very conscious as a team and a company that the informal character of Thornham remains. We belong to a rare breed of marina/boatyards where we allow owners to carry out their own maintenance and we’ll do all we can to enable this to continue to happen without unnecessary controls. Of course, we want to make sure everyone’s working safely so do have useful guides and will advise customers of ways of working safely. Prices are reviewed annually and like everyone we’re not immune to the cost of goods increasing. We are conscious of our customer base continue to keep our customers at the forefront of any pricing decisions.

Our first season as boat owners and the Thornham team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you for everything.


A huge thank you from all of us at Thornham Marina for the invaluable feedback. 

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