Pre-launch check list

Top 10 Tips For Commissioning Your Boat This SpringIt’s almost time to get afloat! To help you get the season off to a good and stress-free start, we’ve prepared a ‘pre-launch check list’ to help you make the most of every minute spent on the water. 

Launch date

The first thing to check is that we have penciled in your preferred date to be re-launched. If you haven’t already booked, check the tide tables for a suitable tide based on your draft and give us a call on 01243 375 335 to book it in. You won’t want to miss out on the date you have in mind

Last minute jobs

Make sure that you have enough time to complete any outstanding maintenance tasks prior to relaunching. If you are using sub-contractors you may want to check that they know when you want to be launched, allowing them plenty of time to complete any work. Try to allow plenty of time for your anti-foul to dry – at least 48 hours. The Thornham team will take care of the patches where the shores/cradles have been prior to re-launch, please do not attempt to move the shores/cradle arms yourself.

Seacocks, stern glands, props!

These all need to be checked prior to launch. The last thing you want to do is take your boat out to her mooring only to find a couple of days later her stern gland has been leaking!

Battery charge

Whilst you are able to connect to shore power take advantage of this and charge up your batteries.

Engine check

Make use of our deep water pool and launch a day early! It gives you time to run the engine thoroughly. We have had cases where owners have not had time to check their engines and found them not to work at the very last minute. This is not only incredibly frustrating for you but can cause problems for the yard and other boat owners.

Summer home

As well as checking the yard knows when you want to go, you may also want to double check that your summer home knows when you want to arrive. You don’t want to turn up with someone else enjoying your berth or mooring.


Most people like to leave a set of spare keys in the office, don’t forget to pop in before you leave to collect these. If you were given a key fobs or access cards please also return these before departing.

Pre-book your space

Now is the best time to make sure you get your winter space at the best possible price. Before you go, why not pop in to the office, call on 023 9270 6603 or drop us an email to discuss securing your space?

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